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Cytidine 5'-monophosphate disodium salt
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Cytidine 5 '- phosphate disodium salt is the salt form of cytidine 5' - phosphate. It is a component of nucleic acid and has been isolated from yeast nucleic acid. Cytidine 5 '- monophosphate and cytidine 5' - monophosphate disodium salt have high biological activity. They can enhance the immune function of the body, regulate the overall nutritional and metabolic balance of the human body, promote the growth and development of the body, and assist in the biological regulation of anti-tumor. At the same time, it can also promote lipid metabolism, improve intelligence, enhance memory, repair the damaged parts of liver, small intestine and other organs, and improve the composition of microbial flora in the intestine. Cytidine 5 '- monophosphate disodium salt is used in medicine, chemical industry, food, health products, agriculture and other fields.

Application: seasoning agent. It is also used to supplement nucleotides in milk to produce breast milk close to human milk, which can enhance the resistance of infants to bacterial diseases. The addition amount is 0.0015%.

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